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A C&C Generals: Zero Hour modification 

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· DF_Full_Install_1.4
· DF 1.1+>1.2

· DF-Soundtrack
· Mappack

· ZH 1.04 patch


· Learn INI & BIG
· WB Tutorial







What is Destructive Forces ?

Destructive forces is a mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, that has been primarily made to give players exciting multiplayer game experiences. However, it does of course also come with skirmish support. It includes 12 optimized generals, all with their special uniqueness and powers. The generals have been made so that before you go to battle you really have to analyze the type of map and what kind of resistance you may encounter, because one general great against another may be inferior against another. But at the same time, all generals have been given such abilities so that they all should be able to fight on somewhat equal conditions.

The mod focuses on human vs human gameplay and so I have tried to make it as broad as possible to suit any kind of players gamestyle. You will find the ability to wage massive naval wars, huge air battles, extreme tank battles or perhaps you prefer thousands of infantry units fighting each other. You may be the defensive type of player, then play as the artillery general, or maybe you like to play very aggressive, then play as the assault general...You will have all these options available to you.

Some generals will be specialized in one type of fighting, like infantry generals, tank generals and airunit generals, but all will somewhat be able to compete in all genres.

If you like the original Zero Hour, you'll definitely love this mod as it widely expands the game but at the same time holds on to the typical gameplay.

For additional information, reviews, images and latest news; please CLICK HERE or HERE




12-02-14 | Version 1.4 now available!!

I have released version 1.4 as a full installation executable. Please follow the link below for Changes and download location.

Readme and DOWNLOAD here

09-05-08 | Version 1.3 now available!!

I have released version 1.3 as a full installation executable. Please follow the link below for Changes and download location.

Readme and DOWNLOAD here

You can also download the entire game (ZH) incl. the latest mod via torrent

07-04-26 | Version 1.21 now available as a full install

I have released version 1.21 (version 1.20+the hotfix) as a full installation executable. No changes in this version, just making it more easy to get ;).

Download the file here


07-02-17 | Hotfix for version 1.2 has been released

I discovered a small bug in version 1.2 that caused the blackbird to be unavailable. It has been fixed in this small hotfix. I also made some modifications to improve balance. For a full readme of the changes as well as the download click on the link below. Please note that this hotfix is for version 1.2 only.

Click here for download and readme

Version 1.2 at CnC files does NOT need this fix as it is already included.


07-02-13 | Version 1.2 is now released

Version 1.2 of Destructive Forces is now finished and has been uploaded to moddb and CnC files mirrors. Now available for download at moddb and strategyinformer and CnCFiles

This is the largest update since version 1.1.It includes everything from small bugfixes and tweaks to completley new units. Main focus was bugfixing and balancing. For a full list of changes see below.
*Please note that this update is for everyone with version 1.1 or higher*

---------Changes since version 1.15---------
China Artillery general:
* Max one overlord artillery, also decreased health slightly
* The master defence bunker got upgraded specs; Longer attack range, better armour, now consumes 1 power,
fixed an infantry exploit, made the garrisoned troops immune to clear building attacks and made them sustain
80% shared damage with the bunker. Note that to fix the exploit I had to make the infantry be spawned outside of the bunker.
* Fixed issue with dragonfly missiles not exploding
* Fixed issue with the nuke cannon
* Fixed issue with the Artillery Command center
* Replaced the devastator tank with a standard battlemaster (slightly downgraded).
* Removed the screamer jet

China Infantry general:
* Added a new unit; the "mini dragon" which is a cheap armed and armoured personell carrier.Resistant
to radiation.
* Can now build the Devastator tank once the harmageddon nuke has been built. Chain gun upgradade moved
to propaganda center.

China EMP&Napalm general:
* Replaced the J-10 fighter with the screamer jet.

China Tank&Naval general:
* Added a new tank; colossus
* The reinforcmentpad now consumes 6 power. Also decreased health.

USA Assault General:
* Blackbird has ammo pips. Now only carries 2 bombs.
* Fixed commanche not recieving any rocket pods after upgrade
* Added a new tank; The "M9E Abrams".
* Replaced the firebase with tomahawk defence.

USA Air force general:
* Glory Pigeon has ammo pips
* Fixed a bug causing the game to crash

UsA Tech&Naval general:
* Can now build pathfinder
* Increased cost for the firebase, also made it consume 2 power.
* Made some adjustments to the Prototype Paladin
* Made some adjustments to the mammoth tank

USA Commander in cheif:
* New model for the crusader artillery
* Slightly lowered range and increased cost for the crusader artillery.
* Barracks now consumes 3 power.
* Replaced the tomahawk defence with a new structure;The "Superior laser cannon".

GLA General changes:
* Added the jinjan cannnon as a superpower for some generals.
* Added a new superpower for ALL GLA generals; The "Call for Jihad".
This will provide some great extra boost for the GLA.

United Arabs:
* Fixed a bug triggering a small nuclear explosion when dozer got destroyed.
* A bug caused the following(1) three defences to become useless once the camo upgrade had been bought.
It has now been fixed by removing the upgrade ability:
*(1) Missile anti-air defence. Also increased the range and weapon damage.
*(1) Mega Rocket Defence.
*(1) Cannon defence. Also increased cost and build time.
* UA can now build Angry mob, saboteur and jarmen kell.
* UA can now use the emergency repair.
* Changed the power consumed by research facility from 10 to 3
* Added a new unit; The "RB transport".
* Added a new unit; The "G8-Bomber jet".
* Added a new unit; The "Spagger".
* Added a new unit; The "long range scud launcher".
* Osamas tribute, jinjan cannon and scorpion tanks were replaced.
* Fixed a bug causing the reasearch facility to become invisible when playing on a snow map.

GLA Stealth&Naval general:
* Made wider spread for the missiles used by the superweapon.
* Fixed the GPS scrambler
* Fixed a bug that made the hijacker unavailable

GLA Toxic warfare general:
* Removed ability for the artillery defence to upgrade to camo netting.
* The toxic wing bomber power now makes some damage too.

GLA Terror leader:
* Can now build osamas tribute instead of toxic tractor.

*And some additional smaller changes and fixes. Also made the cam be a bit closer to the ground.
As usual, if you want to get even closer just use your scroll wheel on your mouse.*

---This update also includes all post 1.1 updates---(not to be detailed here).

Hope you enjoy this release.



07-01-26 | Full version of DF 1.15 is now available for download at CnC files

After have been available only at moddb for nine months I decided to release the latest version in a FULL format at CnC files. This means that the mod will be available for the broader mass of C&C fans. Let's just hope they will spare me the "I've already seen this model in another mod" spam. YES! many models used in this mod are freely distributed ones and YES this mod does have a resemblance to Reborn (because that mod also uses freely distributed models). But except a few models and some names this mod is totally unique.And remember;" it's not the tools you have but the way that you use them that counts". Try it.

Download location for DF 1.15_FULL_Install


07-01-24 | Missing scripts for users of version 1.1 FULL

It has come to my attention that users who have installed the FULL version of 1.1 are missing the script files. Users who have upgraded from 1.0 does not suffer from this. I've tested the scripts and have come to the conclusion that the main difference from using them and not using them is that the performance of the game improves while using the scripts. I also found out that the AI would build slightly different units while using the scripts. However I did not experience much of a difference concerning AI hardness. If you want to try these scripts you can download them from a location below.

Please note that adding these files to the mod may make it incompatible with other versions if you want to play LAN or internet. But I'm not 100% sure on that matter. If you are not pleased with the scripts you can just delete the folder.

Source Mirror1 Mirror2



07-01-04 | Update released.

This updates contains a number of bugfixes and some smaller tweaks. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your version to this latest release. Klick here to go to the download.

Please note that you'll need to have Destructive Forces 1.1 or later already installed on your system.


You must have Destructive Forces 1.1 Installed.
* Extract the "Data" folder to the root directory of Zero Hour.
* Select to overwrite all files when prompted.

----Changes since version 1.1-----
- Added three new starting money options: $5000 for slow and tactical games, $100.000 for extreme games and
$1.000.000 for pure deathmatches.
- Fixed an issue that could make the game crash when building or using a GLA Demo Dozer
- Decreased cost and build time for the GLA camo netting by 60%

USA AirForce General
- Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when the airfield got destroyed.
- Lowered health for the airfield by 15% (still has 600hp more than ordinary USA generals)
- Fixed a bug causing the Comorca Gunship to loose its main and secondary weapons when the rocket pod upgrade
was purchased.
- The Heavy Bomber airstrike now has a working shortcut

USA Tech&Naval General
- The Shockwave cannon now has a functional shortcut
- Fixed a bug causing the missile submarine to become invisible when damaged
- The hover transport can now carry 5 tanks or 18 infantry. Made it slightly bigger and increased the cost.
- Fixed a missing nametag

USA Commander in Cheif
- Removed the ability to upgrade the infantry with chem suits.
- An infantry related bug causing the game to crash was fixed.

USA Assault General
- Blackbird weapon loading-times were increased
- The Penta Laser shortcut is now functional

China Infantry General
- Increased cost for the nuke jet

China Artilley General
- Fixed a visual bug with the master defence when it was damaged also lowered the cost a bit

GLA Stealth&Naval General
- Doubled the transport capacity of the ferry

GLA Toxic General
- Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when destroying the command center with the fortified structure upgrade bought.



06-11-03 | Getting the mod finished. I need your ideas.

So, after 4 months on hibernate I thought it was time to finish this mod. However, the time I have at my disposal is limited so I need to know what to focus on. Should I add a couple of new units, balance, bugfixing? I'm sorry but I will not be able to do it all.

Please drop me a mail and let me know what YOU want added/fixed in the mod. Best is if you can specify it down to the exact general that you wish to see getting the attention. Thanks for your help.



06-07-12 | Version 1.1 Released and more...

So Finally I have finished the first real update. Version 1.1. Lots of new stuff added this time and I have made lots of efforts in getting the bugs fixed. I have also released a small mappack that consists of 10 maps, 9 naval maps and one large urban map. The naval maps does NOT have a functional AI script, so they are for multiplayer use only. May try to implement a working naval AI the next time I update. A small bug was detected in the 1.1 release so I released a small patch too. Find everything you need at the locations supplied at the end of this post. Please submit your thought about the mod in the forum or via e-mail so I can make an even better mod. I will not do any more work on this mod for the rest of this summer though - just too hot :P.

Below folows a part of the readme for version 1.1:




* New naval yards for the GLA and China.
* Introduced a small Beta-AI.
* Added ability to desarm mines for all GLA mine layers
* Added a littlebird to USA Commander in Chief and USA air force general.
* Having many factories will now increase the buildspeed of units in those factories
* Low power can now severly impact on your manufacturing capabilities with as
much as a maximum of 70% drop in producivity.
* When selling one of your buildings you will now only get 35% of it's value back.
* Made infantry (non missile) lesser resistant to tank fire.
* Made small arms fire less effective against tanks and buildings
* Lots of bugfixing and smaller tweaks.

USA Tech&Naval general:
* Added a radar defence structure that will destroy any incoming ballistics.
It has a failprobability of around 5%. That means that of 20 incoming missiles it may
destroy all but one. Doesn't work 100% that way though Razz \:P
* Added an attack submarine.
* Added a missile submarine
* Made the firebase cost $300 more
* Made the mammoth tank bigger
* Fixed the bug causing Naval Yard not displaying on a snow map

AIRF general:
* Made so that the apache longbow can't be bought unless you own the RH-66
* Made so that the RH-66 needs strategy center to be built
* Increased price and lowered health for the Osprey
* Slightly increased price for the combat chinook
* Helipad construction now also requires that you have a war factory
* The "Glory pigeon" now has another type of missiles: 6 High explosive type
missiles that will scatter creating a pretty powerful area affect.
* Made the comorca MG:s a lot more powerful (Like 120%)
* Fixed a bug with the "heavy bomberstrike" causing a player to buy the upgrade at lvl 3.
Also decreased it's cost down to two points instead of three.

China EMP&Napalm General:
* The "Detractor cannon" (Chinas EMP General) SW got a 'little' too
powerful in the last remake...heh. So I decreased the damage and
made it a bit more expensive. It will now make about 70-90% damage
on all surrounding buildings from the target area. Structures in the
center of the beam will be destroyed. Surrounding units will mostly die.

China Infantry general:
* Fixed a bug in the "supercannnon bunker". It now functions on snow maps
and when garrisoned.
* When training a red guard you will recive 4. Cost have been increased to $300.
* Made some adjustments to the Harmageddon Nuke.

China Tank&Naval general:
* Added ability to build a fortified bunker in the second commandset for the dozer.
* Fixed the problem causing freezes when using the warfactory
* Added an attack submarine
* Fixed a bug causing players to buy chinas nuclear bombing upgrade too early

China Artillery General:
* Fixed the master defence bunker -snow&garrisoned
* The screamer is now a fighterplane armed with emp-missiles. So therefore it's
one of the best fighters in the game.

GLA Terror leader:
* Added a new bombtruck - Heavy Cargo:
This bombtruck will be available after you have purchased it's science and if you own a palace.
It contains an extremley powerful shockwave bomb.
* Fixed the airfield. The planes will now use all runways and hangars.
* Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when the airfield got destroyed.
* Lowered price for terror mob.

GLA United arabs:
* Fixed a bug causing the research center, rocket defence and defence cannon becoming invisible when
playing on a snow map.
* Added a new superweapon-like:
First you'll have to research upgrades in the research facility, then you will be able to build an airship
that contains the weapon. It can selfdestruct or be destroyed and when it does the superweapon
called "weapon of doom" will be realesed. It is a very powerful weapon and very particle dependant so therefore
it will cost you a bit Razz \:P.
* Can now build officers.
* Added a new heavy rocket tank. The scorpion rocket upgrade was moved to the research facility.

GLA Toxic warfare general:
* Added the ability to build a hangar and a suicide plane.
* Added a new Superweapon (Acid rain) that will be available for
construction after you have purchased the science.
* Added a Toxic Waste facility

GLA Stealth&Naval general:
* Added a suicide boat

Also included changes from patch#1:

-----------------**CHANGES SINCE VERSION 1.0 (First release)**------------------

* Fixed some GUI text, all generals shold have proper names
* Increased reload times for the shockwave cannon
* Mixed with the detractor cannon
* Fixed the american hovertransport cameo
* Lowered the size of some naval ships
* Different locomotors for ships, made all pretty fast since after all, this is an action RTS...
* Removed all unit build limits for naval ships
* More than doubled the reloadtime for the nukemissile on the nukeship
* Removed the ability for marines to move on water
* Fixed some ship animations and cameos, all ships should now sink when destroyed.
* Reworked the Harmageddon nuclear missile. It can now destory GLA holes...
* Added a working uninstaller for the entire mod that will replace the old one.
* Numerous other smaller things...

* Did make a huge effort trying to get rid of all the "[]" in the GUI text,
but after about an hour of work my editing program crashed... Heh, but I'll
retry in the future ;).


If you have a previous installation of Destructive Forces (any version) - DOWNLOAD

Full Installation file for Destructive Forces 1.1 (recommended) - DOWNLOAD

Fix#1 for V1.1 (information below) - DOWNLOAD

Information: A bug made the USA cruise missile submarine unable to move or Fire any missiles. It has been fixed in this tiny patch. The cost was also modified a bit

Mappack - DOWNLOAD


06-06-23 | Fix#1 to Patch#1 (Detractor Fix) and MOD PROGRESS REPORT

In the previous patch (Patch#1) the "Detractor Cannon" (Superweapon of the EMP&Napalm general 'China')
got way way too powerful. This fix corrects that to what it is supposed to be.

Detractor Cannon:

* It now makes "proper" damage (It is still powerful ;))
* Increased the cost with $1500 to $6500
* Increased the reloadtime/charging time to around 4½ minute

That's the ONLY changes made to the mod in this fix.





I am currently working on the naval aspect of the mod. Have made two new subs, new navalyards and working on some new battleships/boats. Will try to get some naval maps packed in the next update too.

Also, i'm making some new superweapons/Generals Powers. Will try to make all generals even more specialized (like acid rain or nerve gas cloud for the toxin general and some type of energy pulse for the EMP general...).

Also looking into adding a dozen new infantry to the mod. Like: heavy machinegunners, pistol elites, medics, engineers (playing with the idea to let them be able to set up outposts and camps), scouts and battleteams (like GLAs mob but consisted of different type of infantry soldiers) etc... But infantry really is a mess to work with (at least thats my opinion).


06-06-06 | Patch 1 released

The first patch for Destructive Forces 1.0 is now available for download. Later than I had promised, but work and holidays got in the way :P.

No extreme changes, mainly just a few fixes and tweaks. See the list below.

You can download the patch (about 0.7 MB in size) from any of these locations:

Primary download location:


Secondary locations:



----------------CHANGES SINCE VERSION 1.0 (First release)------------------

* Fixed some GUI text, all generals shold have proper names
* Increased reload times for the shockwave cannon
* Mixed with the detractor cannon
* Fixed the american hovertransport cameo
* Lowered the size of some naval ships
* Different locomotors for ships, made all pretty fast since after all, this is an action RTS...
* Removed all unit build limits for naval ships
* More than doubled the reloadtime for the nukemissile on the nukeship
* Removed the ability for marines to move on water
* Fixed some ship animations and cameos, all ships should now sink when destroyed.
* Reworked the Harmageddon nuclear missile. It can now destory GLA holes...
* Added a working uninstaller for the entire mod that will replace the old one.
* Numerous other smaller things...



06-05-23 | Critical bug

Didn't realise this before; Some structures doesn't have any snow textures applied to them. This will cause them to become invisible and non functioning when playing on a map with snow settings. To avoid any problems, play on non-winter maps instead... sorry to all you snow lovers...



06-05-22 | Added some images on the IMAGES page

Added a few IG images. Will try to make some more soon, as well as get the rest of the pages up. Also added a link to download the soundtrack of this mod. The file is in mp3 format, 23:40 long and is 21.6 MB large.

I have made some adjustments to the mod today. Will add a few more units and probably release a patch next week.



06-05-14 | Important uninstallation information

A bug has come to my attention. While uninstalling the mod using the included uninstaller a critical folder needed by the game will accidentially get deleted. To prevent any problems make a backupcopy of the "Cursors" folder located in "gamedir/Data".

There is now a download to get your cursors back.

Reminder: The mod is for English version of ZH. If you're using another version all In-game text will not display properly. To fix this locate English-folder in "...ZH/Data/". Now open the English folder and copy everything in there to your language-folder. I think that should do it.



06-05-09 | Mod beta released

I released a beta version of the mod for public use. Main focus: Bugtracking and tweaking. The beta does not contain any new maps, campaigns or a customized (fully working) AI. There are also some minor bugs, mostly GUI text based. Aslo havn't finished some damage/rubble models. These features will be available in the future...


You can download the mod from these locations:

Primary locations:


Secondary locations:


















· 20+ Naval ships

· 25+ Air units

· 35+ tanks

· ~25 vehicles

· ~10 new infantry

·Lots of New structures

· New defence structures

· New generals

· New Super Weapons

· New general powers

Does not feature :

· Fully compatible AI

· New campaigns

Full compatibility for Challenge mode and campaign mode is not guaranteed.




© Emil Odepark (XitArS) 2006