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A C&C Generals: Zero Hour modification 


Mod DB Top 100


· DF_Full_Install_1.21
· DF 1.1+>1.2

· DF-Soundtrack
· Mappack

· ZH 1.04 patch


· Learn INI & BIG
· WB Tutorial








Here are some IG images of the mod. Click on them for a larger size version.


A few Viper light tanks build with the China infantry general. They are here upgraded with a tank destroyer cannon making them even stronger than battlemasters. The light tanks are relativley cheap and fast to build. It is the only tank available to the infantry general.

The infantry generals "Massive Infantry reeinforcements". About 200 infantry gathered in this shot. Wouldn't want a nuke to hit around here.


Portable nuke launchers. Can fire Nuclear warheads from a rather safe distance. But be sure not to leave them unguarded.


A "dirty nuke" goes off...


USA Naval generals battleships and missile cruisers in action

Here we see the initial milliseconds of the explosion of the Harmageddon nuclear bomb. This weapon can only be built by the China commander in chief.

This is the very same bomb as above but it shows the destruction made by it. Actually all structures hat you can see in this screen (and many off screen) were destroyed but that doesn't show since I havn't been able to reveal that parts of the map to update the view.
















· 20+ Naval ships

· 25+ Air units

· 35+ tanks

· ~25 vehicles

· ~10 new infantry

·Lots of New structures

· New defence structures

· New generals

· New Super Weapons

· New general powers

Does not feature :

· Fully compatible AI

· New campaigns

Full compatibility for Challenge mode and campaign mode is not guaranteed.




© Emil Odepark (XitArS) 2006